About The Friends


The Friends of the Plainsboro Public Library is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization whose mission is to expand awareness of the library’s services, facilities and needs; to raise funds for the support of the library; and to sponsor library programs to enhance community learning.

Why is the "Friends" needed?

Every nonprofit organization needs Friends! Although the Library is a tax-supported institution, there are many vital programs and services that cannot be funded through its regular operating budget. This is where the Friends step in to help to provide funds beyond the capabilities of the Library’s operating budget. The Friends’ funds have funded countless additional programs as well as purchases of equipment, furnishings, and materials that enable the library to offer those “extras” that make the difference. Chances are if you or your family have attended a program, checked out a museum pass, visited the library on a Sunday morning, or enjoyed a performance by a musical group at the library, the Friends were involved!